Nuclear Medicine Services

The nuclear medicine specialists at MRL interpret studies that use small amounts of radioactive material in order to diagnose and determine the severity of a variety of diseases, including many types of cancers, heart disease, gastrointestinal, endocrine, neurological disorders and other abnormalities within the body.

Nuclear medicine is a specialized form of radiology. Patients are given a radioactive substance either by mouth or intravenously that collects in specific body organs. Then the gamma camera detects the energy being emitted from that substance and an image can then be captured.

Nuclear Medicine scans are typically painless and patients are exposed to no more radiation than in a common X-ray.

Images from nuclear medicine scans can assist the physician in diagnosing many conditions and disease. Assessing organ function can help physicians to detect infections, tumors, and other disorders.

Meet Dr. Uma Suriyanarayanan, Nuclear Medicine Physician & Diagnostic Radiologist


  • Thyroid Cancer Therapy
  • Prostate Cancer Xofigo Therapy
  • Liver Metastasis Selective Internal Radiation Therapy
  • Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Zevalin Therapy
  • PET/CT Oncology
  • PET/CT Cardiac
  • Sodium Fluoride (Na-F) PET/CT
  • Dementia PET Imaging
  • Pakinsonian DaTscan
  • Prostacint Scan
  • DXA Bone Densitometry

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